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Dark Chocolate With Cordyceps Mushroom

Dark Chocolate With Cordyceps Mushroom

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Chocolate With Cordyceps Mushroom

The connection between chocolate and good mood is not a myth. What could be better? A dark chocolate with a mushroom called Cordyceps.
These duos are an unexpected stimulus to get to know each other better to remember, to fall in love again...
Chocolate with Cordyceps mushroom - for physical and mental health to increase endurance, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system.
Chocolate with mushrooms is unique, handmade a product that is based on tradition for for everyone who appreciates quality and good taste.
It is not only tasty, but also useful!
Weight 75g. Energy value - 100g - 517kcal/2148KJ, Fat - 37.85g - of which saturated fatty acids - 23.91g, Carbohydrates - 33.77g - of which sugar - 26.5g, Protein - 9.54g, Fiber materials - 1.48g, Salt - 0.0g
Storage conditions: dry, away from direct sunlight, +16C- +21C.

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Customer Reviews

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Beste Schokolade

Habe diese Schokolade verschenkt.Nachdem die Schokolade mit Lionsmane schon so lecker war bin ich davon überzeugt daß diese nicht weniger gut schmeckt.Werde ganz sicher wieder bestellen.Muss ich ja auch noch probieren.Ein sehr gutes und Hochwertige Geschenk schon durch die schöne Verpackung.❣️


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